Rawsome people are awesome!

That is one of the most interesting random findings from the last week – http://ecobeauty.comyr.com/!!!

You might have known that there are a lot of researches that prove that vegan-rawfoodist several days of life help to become more slim:) That is a fact, I’d like to say!


From my personal experience – I started to loose my weight only after becoming a member of running club (I run in the mornings) and after becoming a vegan-rawfoodist.

So with those two statements I cannot disagree cause I know that is true from my personal life!

Get one nice funny joke related to that topic:

An elderly fruktoed comes into the store and tell to the seller:
– Give me two suits.
– Grandpa, why do you need two? You are already eighty years. Take one to the end of life – it will be enough.
– One I’m currently taking for me and one – for my dad.
– Look, if you’re 80 years old, your father must have been 100-105 years!?
– Yes, you’re right. Just for my grandfather’s wedding we want to be so handsome – in suits.
– If the father is 105, the grandfather, probably is 130 years old!? Does he want to get married?
– It was he who does not want to, but his parents make him …


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